Wild Cranberry Sea Salt

Wild Cranberry Sea Salt

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This is our official feast salt! Wild Cranberries are Mother Nature’s tart and tangy switch-hitters that may be enjoyed in both savory and sweet recipes. Bursting with vim, Vitamins C and E, and packed with pectin, these bittersweet ruby-red autumnal jewels are known to cleanse, heal, and symbolize courage and action. Ruled by Mars, down-to-earth cranny constellations brighten bogs and embody the elements of fire and water. Come Samhain and Yuletide, cranberries are essential offerings on our holiday tables to celebrate the harvest.

Use OK Sea Salt Wild Cranberry Salt Blend as a rim for fancy drinks and with:

roasted kabocha squash | cabbage dishes | baked trout | apple deserts | chicory salad

100% Sea Salt & Wild Cranberries

Medium-Coarse Flake

Tasting Notes:
Bright / Sweet / Zippy / Sharp / Tart

Packed in a resealable / reusable bag

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