Spruce Tips Sea Salt

Spruce Tips Sea Salt

$6.00 CAD - $15.00 CAD

A spray of lime-green spruce tips announces the arrival of spring in Mi’kma’ki / Nova Scotia. The new clusters of young buds are not long on the branch before they fan open and begin to mature into sharp dark bluish-green needles.

Rich in Vitamin C, spruce tips and spruce tree bark may be consumed fresh or dried and are known to prevent scurvy. This coniferous delicacy imparts a bright rosemary-like citrus finish to both savory and sweet dishes.

Use OK Sea Salt Spruce Tip Salt Blend with:

focaccia | smoked fish | meat rub | winter stews | apple & fennel salad | roasted potatoes

100% Sea Salt & Wildcrafted Spruce Tips

Medium-Coarse Flake

Tasting Notes:
Bright / Sweet / Zippy / Sharp / Citrusy / Piney

Packed in a resealable / reusable bag

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