Lovage Sea Salt

Lovage Sea Salt

$6.00 CAD - $15.00 CAD

Scotch lovage is the feathery coastal cousin of celery and is also known as ”love parsley” or maggi plant. Ruled by the Sun, this hearty perennial is an aphrodisiac that grows near brackish estuaries and the ocean. As a pantry staple, it’s been used the world over for purification rituals to protect and consecrate dwellings. Lovage leaf is a versatile herb and green garnish whose flavor is likened to chervil with a slight hint of anise - add a pinch in place of parsley to season your favorite homemade broths and savory meals.

Use OK Sea Salt Lovage Salt Blend as a rim for a Caesar or fancy mocktail and with:

roasted chicken | grilled eggplant | fish chowder | tomato salad | pesto & pasta dishes

Ingredients: 100% Sea Salt & Wildcrafted Scotch Lovage

Medium-Coarse Flake

Tasting Notes:
Bright / Sweet / Zippy / Celery / Parsley / Seaweed

Packed in a resealable / reusable bag

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