Wild Blueberry Sea Salt

Wild Blueberry Sea Salt

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Hand-harvested with care from our secret wild blueberry patches, this unique blend brings a vibrant kick to your dishes. Wild Blueberries beautifully balance the elements of earth and water and have long been considered sacred to Mi'kmaw, Wolastoqiyik, and many Indigenous peoples on Turtle Island / North America.

Influenced by the Moon and Venus, these succulent late-summer botanical berries are associated with abundance, protection, peace, and good luck. The frosted purply-black pearls thrive in lichen-loving acidic soils, especially in the aftermath of fires, and are coveted by pie bakers, pancake eaters, and bears.

Use OK Sea Salt Wild Blueberry Salt Blend as a rim for fancy drinks and with:

venison | cucumber salad | smoked salmon | oatmeal | hot toddy | grilled peaches

100% Sea Salt & Wild Blueberries

Medium-Coarse Flake

Tasting Notes:
Bright / Sweet / Zippy / Sharp / Floral / Sweet

Packed in a resealable / reusable bag

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