Salt Spoons

Salt Spoons

$11.50 CAD

Around 3" long. They each have their own unique shape and personality.

Hand-carved by Kim's father, George Kelly, of GK Woodworking.

About the spoons:
The salt spoons all have round bowls that are about 1/2" in diameter and 3/16" deep. The handles are straight, squiggly, or curved in different planes. A variety of woods are used, including ash, oak, cherry, walnut, sweetgum, and teak. Each spoon is made freehand, so no two are alike, yet they all rest comfortably in a salt bowl, making it easy to scoop and tap out the amount of salt you desire. The spoons are finished with food-safe mineral oil or flaxseed oil.

About GK Woodworking:

"My woodworking journey started by making a cherry coffee table. Many tables, chairs, a rocker, lamps, turned bowls, and carved bowls later, I accumulated tubs of wood scraps. What do you do when you can’t bear to throw any wood away? Yes, you make spoons. When you make a "normal"-sized spoon, you're left with even smaller wood scraps, the perfect size for carving tiny spoons. When I need a diversion from other projects, I let my imagination run wild, making all manner of little spoons." George Kelly

(HST Included)

Salt Spoons  Image 2 Salt Spoons  Image 3
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