Porcelain Salt Pig

Porcelain Salt Pig

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We collaborated with potter Undine Foulds, based in Kjipuktuk/Halifax, on these limited-edition, one-of-a-kind salt pigs.

The term "salt pig" supposedly comes from the old Scottish word for pot, which is "pig."

Undine uses found materials in her work to create galactic patterns. Here are some words from Undine about these vessels:

They’re made from a mid-range semi-porcelain that is food safe even when unglazed. The tilted shape creates a passive air current, keeping your salt from soaking up moisture in our wackohumid environment, and also acts as a little lid to keep crumbs, etc. out.

The found materials I use are collected in very small amounts and are generally/especially found through ‘waste’ or discard pathways. I love to collect the evidences or traces of what has happened or what’s been left behind (by an animal, by machines, by feet, by weather). 

The inclusions on your specific batch of salt pigs this time are:

Wild clay from a meadow outside Windsor

Sand from Inverness County

Jewelry desk dust from Sorrel (Halifax)

Glass from an eroding hillside in Old Town Lunenburg

The openings are comfortable enough for a four finger pinch at around 6.5cm wide.

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