OK Saltworks Donation

OK Saltworks Donation

$5.00 CAD - $500.00 CAD

Every Drop Counts

We invite you to join us in building a carbon neutral saltworks facility in Miꞌkmaꞌki / Nova Scotia. OK Sea Salt is working toward Nova Scotia's climate goals outlined in the Environmental Goals and Climate Change Reduction Act to achieve net-zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050. Contributions in any amount are deeply appreciated and critical to sustaining our ongoing research, day-to-day operations, and big dreams. 

Your support will directly fund the following:

RESEARCH: Advance and enhance our current research, which is guided by best practices and a partnership with the Nova Scotia Community College Applied Energy Research team, with the support of a Productivity and Innovation Voucher Program through Nova Scotia Business Inc. (2022-2023)

LOCAL: Source locally produced materials, equipment, and expertise to sustain our socially and environmentally sound initiatives, which make major economic impacts on our community in the South Shore region.

ARTS: Inspire the development of the OK Artist Residency (OKAR) to launch during the Total Solar Eclipse of 2024.

Salt of the Earth Legacy 

Want to invest in a brighter future? Make a splash with a one time or monthly Salt of the Earth Legacy (SEL) donation to help build better foodways in Atlantic Canada for many moons to come. Contact us if you have questions about our SEL de mer options: [email protected]

OK Sea Salt is not a registered charity. Your contributions are not tax deductible.

(photo by Mel Hattie)