Bath of Totality - Eclipse Ritual Salt

Bath of Totality - Eclipse Ritual Salt

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*BE AWARE! If you order this to be shipped on or after March 29th, it probably won't make it to you in time for the eclipse on April 8th.

Darkness is nigh. Where will you be on April 8th, 2024, when much of Eastern and Atlantic Canada, the USA, and Mexico falls into a brief period of darkness during the Total Solar Eclipse? For those of us who find ourselves in the eclipse’s Path of Totality, this will be an exceptional time to tune in, bathe in the darkness, and sense our surroundings as strange happenings are known to occur when the Sun’s daylight is obscured by the Moon.

To commemorate this astronomical anomaly, which is only experienced every 400 years at any one place on the planet, OK Sea Salt has released Solar Eclipse Bath of Totality Ritual Salt that is specifically designed to be used during the April 8th eclipse.

This limited edition salt is an iteration of our non-culinary Ritual Salt. The magnesium-rich salt is ideal for casting a protection circle in an open-air urban or natural setting, fabulous for forest bathing, and essential for introspective soaking in a steamy tub.

To guide you through the darkness, we crafted a sensational celestial spell. Scan the QR code on the back of the pouch to download and print the tri-fold PDF of the spell and please share your eclipse plans and observations with us too by hash tagging #bathoftotality!

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