Spruce Tips Sea Salt

Spruce Tips Sea Salt

$6.00 CAD - $13.00 CAD


Northeastern substitute for citrus salt with a zesty kick of vitamin C! We harvest our white spruce tips (Picea glauca) in the springtime from the LaHave Islands while they are bright green and very tender and blend them with our Natural Sea Salt. 

Our sea salt is hand harvested in small batches from seawater sourced from the LaHave Islands, Nova Scotia. We collect our seawater during the incoming high tide of the full moon, bucket by bucket.

Our sea salt is wild. We aren't into/in control. We let nature shape each crystal and pack it up with minimal interference.

Use it on, popcorn, roasted veggies, vinaigrettes, etc.

100% Sea Salt & Spruce Tips

Medium-Coarse Flake
Tasting Notes:
Bright / Sweet / Zippy / Sharp / Citrusy / Piney

Packed in a resealable / reusable bag

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